We are particularly proud of our design team, proving time and time again how essential it is to be able to successfully combine elegance and simplicity with strong brand presence; steadily creating designs that intertwine the creative team’s unsurpassed instinct and talent with their thorough knowledge of the materials and construction techniques. It is the beating heart of our company, remaining in constant contact with project managers and the construction team for the entire duration of the project, allowing us to create custom stands that are a true reflection of our clients’ desires, needs and expectations.

It is fascinating to observe the designs come to life. In the hands of our production and assembly team visualisations become reality and there are no impossible goals. For the experienced team leader and the enthusiastic, energetic crew, each project is an interesting challenge. Resourceful and intent on instant problem resolution they combine vigour and temperament with good communication skills and high personal standards.

Our tension fabric displays, printed with photographic accuracy, using the best in the latest printing technology are among the top trends in high-end exhibition services.